Welcome to Mooshimode - The Curated Couture Gallery of Mooshi
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Mooshi - Luxury Handmade Couture by Olivia Torma
Regency Fashion Inspired Embroidered Spencer by Mooshi - Handmade with Love

Welcome to Mooshimode!

Welcome to Mooshimode, the curated gallery of Mooshi – Luxury handmade couture by Olivia Torma.

Grecian Antiquities Inspired Haute Couture Evening Dress by Mooshi - Handmade with Love

Mooshi offers discerning ladies of style a collection of hand embroidered couture inspired by the timeless and elegant craft of haute couture embroidery and vintage inspired fashion design.

Olivia is passionate about her craft and bringing a greater awareness and appreciation for quality handmade apparel and time honoured couture sewing and hand embroidery techniques.

Her specialty is custom couture design and hand sewing, draping on the mannequin and haute couture embroidery known in France as crochet de Luneville. Olivia also collects vintage couture dress patterns and can reproduce these designs into a unique garment made just for you!

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Olivia Torma of Mooshi Couture
Mooshi - Luxury Handmade Couture by Olivia Torma

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Founder, designer, maker and curator of Mooshi - Luxury handmade couture by Olivia Torma.

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