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Mooshi - Luxury Handmade Couture by Olivia Torma
Mooshi Haute Couture Flower Brooch


Dear Reader

Thank you for visiting Mooshimode, the curated gallery of Mooshi – Luxury handmade couture by Olivia Torma. 

As an aspiring couture practitioner I take pride in designing and creating beautifully handmade vintage inspired couture for discerning customers.

My aim is to make your couture experience a pleasant and personalised one where you feel treated as an individual and given the utmost attention. 

To take advantage of special offers, receive exclusive updates and be immersed in my world of couture, please subscribe to the Mooshi Newsletter.

I hope you find your visit a pleasure and I look forward to being of service to you.  

Olivia Torma

Olivia Torma of Mooshi Couture
French Lavender Rose Pouch
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