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The Mooshi label is committed to producing quality unique handmade products that meet a high standard of handmade craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

For customers that wish to have their purchases shipped rather than collected from the Mooshimode Boutique, we offer the following Australia Post shipping options. Please visit the links for more information on the Australia Post web site. For extra cover with your order, please contact us with your requirements:


  • Courier Post: same day delivery if posted before 2pm, signature on delivery and tracking include. Extra cover available;
  • Express Post: pre-paid satchels, guaranteed next business day delivery. Extra cover, signature on delivery and email tracking advice available. Click here for more information; and
  • Regular Parcel Post: standard domestic delivery. Extra cover, signature on delivery and free email tracking advice available. Click here for more information.


  • Registered Post International: delivery within 3-10 business days, signature upon delivery, 2kg limit valued up to $500.00 AUD, up to $100 AUD compensation included (customs form required for items weighing 500g or more and valued at or above $500.00 AUD);
  • Pack and Track International: low cost delivery within 3-10 business days with tracking to 11 overseas destinations (please visit the link for details), 2kg limit valued up to $500.00 AUD. No extra cover is available with this option.

Shipping prices and policies are subject to change without notice at Australia Post’s discretion. Mooshi takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions published on this web site. Please visit the Australia Post web site to ensure you select the most suitable shipping service for your order.

Undelivered or Damaged Goods

For your peace of mind and ours, we strongly recommend that your order is shipped with extra insurance cover, signature upon delivery and tracking. We cannot be held responsible or liable for undelivered orders, damaged orders, or orders that arrive after a customer expected it to arrive because of shipping problems. We regrettably cannot reproduce and replace a ready-to-wear or Bespoke By Mooshi order that may be or has been the subject of a compensation claim as the availability of materials for repeat orders at short notice cannot be guaranteed and workloads may limit how quickly a repeat order can be fulfilled.

All products are carefully inspected and wrapped for shipping to minimise any damage during transit. In the unlikely event that a product is received damaged as a result of shipping and compensation was included with the shipping method, please contact us immediately so that we may assist you to claim compensation from Australia Post.

Please note that it is the addressee who received the damaged parcels that has sole responsibility for claiming compensation from Australia Post. For undelivered parcels it is the sender who has the role right to make a claim. We will assist where we can in either situation.


Australia Post’s General Post Guide dated September 2007 (p 62) provides information on the compensation policy for lost or damaged parcels shipped within Australia. The following is guidance taken from Australia Post’s web site prepared by us:

For undelivered parcels within Australia, the sender has the sole right to make a claim for compensation. For damaged parcels delivered within Australia, the addressee has the sole right to make a claim for compensation. The right to claim may be waived in favour of another person by written request to the Australia Post manager handling the claim. Claims for compensation must be submitted within 6 months of the shipping date. For international shipping, please refer to Australia Post’s International Post Guide.

When informing us that your parcel was received damaged, please include details about the damage and photos in your email to us so that we may support your claims if asked to do so by Australia Post. We will provide you with information on how to claim compensation from Australia Post, however it will not act on any customers behalf regarding compensation for a damaged parcel unless that customer wishes to waive their right of sole responsibility to claim. If you would like us to claim and refund you compensation for the damaged parcel, we will charge a 1.5% service fee of the total insured value of the parcel to cover the cost of acting on your behalf.

Where we have a right to make a claim to recover and refund compensation for a lost parcel, we will refund you the total value of the successful compensation claim within seven (7) days of receiving compensation from Australia Post. We reserve the right to decline a request for compensation for a lost parcel at its discretion if it believes the claim is fraudulent or misleading. We also reserves the right to request that you communicate with Australia Post directly to recover compensation for a lost parcel.

If you would like to handle a compensation claim for a lost parcel directly with Australia Post, you may request us to waive our sole right to claim compensation in writing by contacting us.

This request will incur a 1.5% service fee of the total insured value of the parcel as we will be required to write to Australia Post to waive our sole right to claim. Any service fee associated with any compensation claim will be deducted from the compensation payable if refunded by us, or charged in a separate invoice payable within five (5) days.

Stolen Orders

We cannot be held responsible or liable for losses incurred if your order was shipped uninsured and unregistered or Australia Post can confirm that the parcel containing your order was delivered to your address and you claim that is was subsequently stolen after delivery. We recommend that our customers communicate directly with Australia Post regarding a stolen parcel. Please contact us immediately and we will provide you with information to contact Australia Post.

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