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Mooshi - Handmade with Love by Olivia Torma

Welcome to Mooshimode

“The couture gallery of Mooshi – Handmade with Love “

Welcome to an online collection of luxury handmade couture from Mooshi by Olivia Torma.

Mooshimode is a special place where I curate and publish photographs of my couture designs for visitors to browse and admire the gifts that I bring to this world.

I love the art and discipline of sewing and embroidery and the tactile pleasures it brings. I also love creating beautiful and interesting images of my work through the experience of photography and visual culture.

My work is inspired by my love for couture sewing and haute couture embroidery and fashion and costume design from the 18th century through to the 1960’s.

Each piece I create is made using time honoured couture techniques I have carefully researched and thoughtfully planned in my approach to become a respected emerging couture practitioner.

I pay meticulous attention to the details demanded of my craft and the needs of my customers who are looking for something special and unique.

I hope you love and appreciate what I do.


Olivia Torma
Vintage Inspired Couture of Distinction
Olivia Torma 

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