Vintage Inspired Cocktail Couture by Mooshi - Luxury Handmade Couture
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Mooshi - Luxury Handmade Couture by Olivia Torma

Cocktail Couture

Vintage Inspired Cocktail Dress by Mooshi - Handmade with Love
Limited edition semi-formal evening cocktail dress.
Heirloom quality couture in luxury fabrics.
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Vintage Inspired Cocktail Dress by Mooshi - Handmade with Love
Cocktail Couture Dress by Olivia Torma of Mooshi

Vintage Inspired Couture

A cocktail dress with timeless classical elegance inspired by the work of two influential fashion designers of the 20th century: Lanvin-Castillo in 1961 and Robert Piguet in 1949. Photo by Richard Avedon. One-of-a-Kind. Bespoke available.

Cocktail Couture Dress by Mooshi

Award Winning Design

Fitted low cut princess bodice and pencil skirt with full circle peplum. Inverted kick pleat at back. Couture construction throughout. Winner in the 2013 Tessuti Awards in Sydney, Australia.

Inspiration for the Vintage Inspired Couture Cocktail Dress by Mooshi - Handmade with Love


Cocktail Couture Dress by MooshiSlide thumbnail
Cocktail Couture Dress by MooshiSlide thumbnail


Fabric Options

Have it bespoke made in beautiful couture fabric. To see more fabrics we have in stock please visit the Mooshi Mercerie.

Imperial Silk 98gms in the Mooshi Mercerie
Imperial Silk 98gms
Non-Curl 175gms Duchess Satin Silk in the Mooshi Mercerie
Non-Curl Duchess Silk Satin 175gms
Black Silks in the Mooshi Mercerie
Black Silks
Silk Wool Blend Cloth in the Mooshi Mercerie
Silk Wool Blend

To read about our bespoke couture service please visit Bespoke by Mooshi.

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