Bespoke by Mooshi - Bespoke Couture Dressmaking by Olivia Torma
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Mooshi - Luxury Handmade Couture by Olivia Torma

Bespoke by Mooshi – For Custom Made Couture

Bespoke by Mooshi Service

The Bespoke by Mooshi® service aims to meet the most discerning needs of customers seeking high quality, custom made couture clothing and accessories.

Bespoke by Mooshi® is an exclusive custom couture dressmaking service delivered under a couture commission agreement with the client. We work closely with you to create your one-of-a-kind couture creation be it a simple modern design or vintage/costume inspired.

Prospective customers are asked to arrange a comprehensive consultation with us to discuss their couture requirements. With the clients agreement, an online bespoke couture proposal is prepared and sent for approval.

Bespoke by Mooshi Couture Services by Olivia Torma

Once approved, this proposal forms an agreement between us and the client. The client’s measurements are then taken and a sample toile is made for fitting. The first toile may then be followed by up to two more toiles and additional fittings to ensure the client is satisfied with the comfort, fit and appearance of their bespoke order. We can also fit toiles on our custom sized mannequin and send photos of the fitting and couture production progress to the client by email. For long distance clients we use Skype to conduct consultations and fitting inspections. These clients receive instructions on how to take their measurements and fit their toile.

Sampling Custom Made Accessories and Design Components

When requesting a custom made piece, we will assemble and send the client photos of the materials and sampling of any work that will embellish the piece. The client can then choose to meet with us in person to discuss the sample and materials or request photos and our comments by email. Requests for materials not in our inventory will be considered however their supply will be at additional cost and delays may be incurred if these supplies need to be ordered. We recommend that all materials for a bespoke garment or accessory be sampled and ordered well in advance before an order is commenced.

Inclusions and additional extras:


For a custom made garment, the Bespoke by Mooshi® service includes a minimum of one toile to ensure correct fit. The toile is made up in a cotton calico.

Skype Consultations

For clients residing outside the greater Brisbane region we can arrange consultations and toile inspections via Skype. We are also happy to travel to your residence at cost for measurement taking and fittings.

Limitations of Vintage Patterns

Mooshi’s vintage patterns are available in a limited range of sizes that do not correspond with today’s clothing size conventions for women’s wear.

Depending on their complexity, we will rescale, alter or grade a vintage pattern to a modern size ranging from size 8 to 18 and will accommodate bespoke requests within this range. Sizes of our stocked vintage patterns can be found in the pattern’s description. You’ll find our vintage patterns in on If your size is not shown, please contact us about resizing the pattern to your size or creating a bespoke size pattern for you. We cater from size 8 to size 18.

Materials available for bespoke orders may also be limited at any given time and re-ordering of materials may cause delays in fulfilling a bespoke order. Materials are also subject to market availability. We will offer an alternative option or options in consultation with the client as necessary. We will also consider requests from customers wishing to use their own patterns and materials for bespoke production.


Inquiries for a Bespoke by Mooshi® service can be made by contacting us here.


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